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THEFACESHOP understands the value of health

  • 10 patches
  • Acne-prone Oily Skin


  • A spot clear patch containing Tea Tree extract that actively works on the problem area
  • Proven ingredients used
  • * Salicylic Acid : Widely used BHA (beta hydroxy acid): exfoliate accumulated skin cells inside the oil gland that can clog pores (Remove blockage in the pore) + Used in many acne-targeting products.
  •  *Tea Tree :  Strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory quality
  •  Effective & convenient to use
  •  Non-visible formula: can be used in daily life


How to use:

  • Peel off the clear film backing and apply to clean, dry skin (before serum or emulsion).
  • Apply before bedtime and leave on overnight. Remove the patches after 8-12 hours.
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